Yasu's Quest
Diane Dettmann

Yasu's Quest

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In this skillfully woven coming-of-age story, Yasu Sakamoto continues her journey that began in Dettmann's award-winning book, Courageous Footsteps: A WWII Novel. Yasu's Quest: A Tale of Triumph carries readers into the next phase of Yasu Sakamoto's life so smoothly that the book can be read independently or as a sequel. 

With a keen sense for detail, author Diane Dettmann skillfully draws readers into an engaging story about an unexpected friendship that develops between Yasu Sakamoto and Martha Annala, a university professor. When they first meet on a train headed to Minneapolis, Yasu is afraid to trust Martha with any information about her past and lies about her identity to protect herself and her family. Alone and with no place to go, Yasu eventually tells Martha about leaving her home in Glenville and the three years she spent imprisoned in the internment camp. Martha feels Yasu's pain and opens her heart and home to her. 

As the war intensifies anti-Japanese attitudes escalate in America and the hostility runs rampant. Martha's decision to befriend Yasu ultimately creates hardships and challenges in her own life. Relationships with university colleagues become strained, but Martha remains committed to her friendship with Yasu. Negative looks and anti-Japanese comments surround Yasu everywhere she goes. She deeply misses her parents, her brother, Haro, and Kenta, her loving German shepherd, but knows she must push forward.

Outskirts Press, 2016

Paperback, 261pages, 9 x 6 in

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