Wolves of Isle Royale: A Broken Balance
Rolf O. Peterson

Wolves of Isle Royale: A Broken Balance

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A new edition of a classic: the compelling firsthand account of an ancient predator-prey relationship---the Isle Royale wolf and moose dynamic

For nearly half a century Isle Royale National Park has been the site of a comprehensive study on wolves (2008 marks the fiftieth anniversary)—the world's longest-running study on any wild animal. With its lush northern landscape and wolf and moose populations, the pristine and isolated park presents an ideal laboratory for wildlife biologists.

The Wolves of Isle Royale is author and wildlife biologist Rolf Peterson's fascinating firsthand account of the relationship that exists between the wolf and the moose on the island. Illustrated with over 100 photographs, this book reveals the true nature of the mysterious and little-understood wolf, and it offers novel solutions to the conservation crisis as the wolf population falters to its lowest recorded level.

Rolf O. Peterson is known worldwide for his wolf research. His photographs have been published in National GeographicAudubon, and National Wildlife. He is Professor of Wildlife Ecology at Michigan Technological University.

University of Michigan Press, 2007

paperback, 192 pages, 109 color images, 2 maps, 1 chart, 6.625 x 9.5

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