The Farmer's Daughter
Jim Harrison

The Farmer's Daughter

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An ambitious and stunning trio of novellas, The Farmer's Daughter is an unforgettable portrait of three decidedly unconventional American lives --  in the first, a rural Montana Girl, freed from an overprotective mother to explore the beauty of her surroundings, discovers both unexpected brutality and her own inner strength. Harrison's beloved character Brown Dog returns with an outlandish plan to sneak his daughter over the U.S.-Canada border aboard a rock band tour bus, and has a complex reunion with the lesbian social worker assigned to their case. And in the last tale a possible werewolf plagued by hazy, feverish episodes of epic lust, physical appetite, athletic exertions, and outbursts of violence under the full moon, attempts to settle down and retire.  

Grove Press, 2010

paperback, 320 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 in

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