Sunburns to Snowstorms
Karl Bohnak and Jack Deo

Sunburns to Snowstorms

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Sunburns to Snowstorms features Upper Michigan photographs from professionals and amateurs spanning a century and a half. Step back in time to view photos of the massive fires that destroyed the communities of Marquette and Ontonagon in the 19th century. Get a glimpse of what it was like to live through the storm against which all others are measured, the Blizzard of 1938. You'll see how residents dealt with the heavy winter snows and the spring floods as well as the Great Seiche that affected the Lake Superior region during mid June 1939. Sunburns to Snowstorms contains nearly 300 photos along with stories of locations and events surrounding the images It's an essential book for those who love the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Karl Bohnak is chief meteorologist at Marquette's WLUC-TV6. He has forecast Upper Michigan weather for nearly 30 years. His first book, So Cold a Sky, was awarded the Michigan State Library's "Notable Book" award in 2007. 

Jack Deo opened a photography studio in Marquette in 1978. That year he also acquired the 110-year old Childs Art Gallery collection. Thus began a 40-year collecting passion which has grown into a treasure-trove of thousands of historic photographs from across Upper Michigan. 

Cold Sky Publishing, 2017

paperback, 176 pages, Black And White images, 10 x 8 x 1 inches

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