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fiddling from the northwoods

Fiddling sister Carrie and Emma Dlutsowski live in the northwoods of Upper Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula, where they were born and raised. Together with their mother, Susan, they present here a collection of traditional and contemporary Canadian fiddle music, as well as a few tunes from the U.S.

1. Tow- Step D'Armand Graham Townsend 2.23
2. Ivor Scollay's Jig Calvin Vollrath ~ Jack Smith's Favorite Reel Traditional ~ Tom Marsh's Hornpipe Vincent MacGillivray 3.27
3. Limerock Traditional 2.32
4. Morning Glory Waltz Andy DeJarlis 2.55
5. Chéticamp Jig Elmer Briand ~ Fly in the Puddin' Calvin Vollrath 3.24
6. Shades of Down Brian Hebert 2.14
7. Beaumont Rag Traditional 2.52
8. Munster Bacon Traditional ~ Great Eastern Reel Traditional ~ Road to Errogie Adam Sutherland 3.27
9. Jean's Reel Bobby MacLeod 2.27
10. Owen's Storytime Waltz Mathew Johnson 3.04
11. Marg Côté Reel Calvin Vollrath 2.02
12. Emma's Waltz Traditional ~ Major Harrison's Fedora Traditional 3.59
13. Teardrop Waltz Reg Bouvette arr.Shane Cook 3.10
14. Willow Springs Donnell Cooley 1.43


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