Sport: Ship Dog of the Great Lakes
Pamela Cameron

Sport: Ship Dog of the Great Lakes

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By Pamela Cameron
Illustrated by Renée Graef

In 1914 crew members of the lighthouse tender Hyacinth rescued a stray puppy from the Milwaukee River and named him Sport. For the next twelve years, this charming Newfoundland-retriever mix lived the life of a ship dog, helping the Hyacinth crew as they carried supplies to lighthouses and maintained the buoys and other safety features around Lake Michigan. Sport quickly became a valued companion to his crew and a recognizable mascot of the lake -- making friends in every port.

In this beautifully illustrated children's book based on historical documents and photographs, readers share in Sport's adventures while discovering the various ways lighthouse tender ships helped keep the lake safe for others. Helpful diagrams, a map, and a historical note supplement this engaging story for young readers.

Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2019

Hardcover, 32 pages, 21 color illustrations, 9 x 11"

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