Meredith Ann Fuller


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“Old mystery, old magic. Perhaps the oldest spell of all: to dress in the raiment of another—animal, woman, spirit.”

In Quincy, Massachusetts, a girl of Finnish and Irish descent loses her father under traumatic circumstances and sets out to discover what happened to him. Naïve, intuitive, implacable, Rose learns to read landscapes of the natural world and the human heart. She confronts history and its suppression. But it takes risk and imagination to understand that she is part of a larger story of immigrants to America. With edgy ordinariness, Meredith Ann Fuller’s narrative gift describes secrets and tragedies, slowly revealing the mythic underbelly of every good story.

“Fuller writes lyrically about a seemingly ghost-haunted world...effectively revealed bit by bit as part of a mystery that readers investigate alongside Rose...A rich, multilayered, and slowly unfolding literary work." ~ Kirkus Reviews

Resurrecting a lost 19th century tradition, artist Joan Anderson has designed a stunningly illustrated novel for adult readers of our time.

Mountain Water Press, 2017

hardcover, 6×9 in, 324 Pages

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