Off the Map
Gordon F. Sander

Off the Map

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Finland was very much off the map when writer-photographer Gordon Sander first voyaged there in 1977 -- an exotic, misunderstood, defiantly unsophisticated place where bars held ladies' night, men wore green jackets, "president for life" Urho Kekkonen had been in office for over twenty years, and the nation chafed under the weight of its cozy, if confining relation with The Neighbor to the East.

Revised to commemorate both the Finnish centennial and the author's knighthood, OFF THE MAP is a unique portrait of Europe's most mysterious and misunderstood country from the point of view of one of the foreigners who know her best. Illustrated with a gallery of the author's photos from his 40 years on the Baltic beat, including 16 pages of new images.

Gummerus, 2012

Hardcover, 299 pages, 8.5 x 5.75 inches

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