Mr. Boo
Hannu Mäkelä

Mr. Boo

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Mr. Boo is a most humanlike character who lives an ordinary life, sleeps peacefully, and drinks tea. His imagination, however, is boundless in all directions: he always looks at the world in new ways, and has an enormous capacity to be amazed. Although he tries to frighten others, he fears many things himself and is fascinated with magic. "What I really like about Mr. Boo is his innocence and total honesty," says Katja Krohn, director of a theatre production of Mr. Boo in Helsinki.

Children's book originally written in Finnish (1973) and translated into English by Anselm Hollo. Designed for children between 6 and 14. Finland's most famous children's book.

    Aspasia Books, 2002

    Paperback, 96 pages, 6 x 9 in

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