Michigan's Upper Peninsula Almanac
Karl Bohnak and Ron Jolly

Michigan's Upper Peninsula Almanac

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Michigan's Upper Peninsula Almanac is a comprehensive guide for every resident, visitor, and student of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

This definitive almanac covers every acre of the wild and beautiful U.P., including information on businesses, tourism, agriculture, sports, weather, casinos, and other topics that will keep you referring to the book time and again. Looking for record snowfalls and temperatures? Oldest business? Busiest tourist spots? Most interesting myths and legends? Michigan's Upper Peninsula Almanac has it all.

Ron Jolly is a popular veteran radio broadcaster in northern Michigan who spent fifteen years in news and information programming. He has won awards for his news reporting on WCTM from UPI, Michigan News Network, and the National Commission on Working Women. He is the author of Northern Michigan Almanac (University of Michigan Press/Petoskey Publishing, 2005).

Karl Bohnak is the author of the popular U.P. weather book So Cold a Sky. He is meteorologist at WLUC in the Upper Peninsula and holds the American Meteorological Society's broadcast seal of approval.

The University of Michigan Press, 2009

paperback, 600 pages, Black And White images, 10 x 7 x 1.6 inches

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