Johanna Ekström-Partanen

Dreamy Knits

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"Dreamy Knits, 21 knitting patterns for a touch of softness" book features 21 soft and sumptuous knitting patterns carefully curated from inspirations gathered during strolls along the shores of Helsinki. Along with the shifting seasons, the stunning photos whisk you to the unique fortress island of Suomenlinna, where you’ll discover a captivating Nordic landscape dotted by pastel-hued buildings. The dreamy and delighful knitting journey is made even more magical by the island’s fascinating history and panoramic sea views. From beautiful, romantic lace-patterned sweaters to embroidered socks, cabled beanies and simpler everyday knits, you’ll find knitting patterns and designs for any occasion and every season. This knitting book caters for knitters of all levels, whether just starting out or looking to explore more advanced techniques. All of the patterns are worked seamlessly, ensuring a refined finish.

Cozy Publishing,

Hardcover, 9.6 x 6.9 in

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