Courageous Footsteps: A WWII Novel
Diane Dettmann

Courageous Footsteps: A WWII Novel

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Fifteen-year-old Yasu Sakamoto's young life turns into a devastating nightmare when Japan attacks Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Within hours, anti-Japanese threats surround her. The hateful signs in store windows, painted across buildings and in her school hallways threaten her daily life. Weeks later, under the constant watch of armed guards, her family is forced to leave their home. With only what they can carry they, along with thousands of other Japanese Americans, are imprisoned in a camp in eastern California. Behind barbwire fences, Yasu and her older brother Haro struggle to accept the overcrowded living conditions, strict camp regulations and the daily hardships imposed on them. As time passes, the constant confinement, strict camp regulations and humiliation force them into courageous choices that will change their lives forever. 

Outskirts Press, 2015

Paperback, 328 pages, 9 x 6 in

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