Basics of Finnish Language for Adults (June 2024)
Finnish American Folk School

Basics of Finnish Language for Adults (June 2024)

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5 sessions: Mondays & Wednesdays June 12, 17, 19, 24, 26, 2024
5:30-7pm EDT
Instructor: Becky Luoma
Location: Finnish American Heritage Center
Class fee: $80
Registration closes June 3 or when sold out
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Welcome to our interactive Finnish language sessions designed to teach you the fundamentals of Finnish. The sessions will be engaging, involving group activities and plenty of speaking exercises. Participants will be grouped based on their levels and skills, with the instructor considering individual abilities and requirements. The main aim is to enjoy learning the language, master self-introductions, basic inquiries, and grasp essential language scenarios.

During the sessions, participants will:

  • Handle daily situations and pose relevant questions.

  • Comprehend basic expressions from slow, articulate speech.

  • Briefly introduce themselves and share personal details, even if speaking slowly or with imperfect pronunciation.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of numbers, the alphabet, the verb “to be,” and personal pronouns in their basic forms.

  • Gain insights develop an understanding of Finnish culture and society.

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