Plights and Perils of Persevering Pioneers
Leland G Olson

Plights and Perils of Persevering Pioneers

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I have been blessed with a long life. A jack-of-all-trades and master of some. From tinker to truck driver, life is the best on-the-job training program ever devised. Life presents a new learning experience with each sunrise. We must make the most of each one. As you near the end of life's road being tired, worn out, and weary, you still try to find purpose. You look for any light at the end of the tunnel; not seeing one, you still move on. Human nature pulls, pushes, and prods us forward. Throwing in the towel is not an option. My life of trials and tribulations has been 55 plus years in the making, and it only seemed to strengthen me. My purpose in life has to be honoring the memory of my ancestors, who gave so much to prepare the way for me. May they all rest in peace, knowing they ran their race well.

March 31, 2020

84 pages

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